Ys Typing Tutor was never released by Falcom as a stand-alone game; it was an unlockable bonus in the Japan-only RPG Zwei for the PC and PS2. Prolific Ys fan translator NightWolve, who runs the fan site Ys Utopia, managed to not only extract it and create an executable file to make it a stand-alone game but also got it translated to English for good measure back in 2006. Download link is below; I guess it's technically an IP violation, but Falcom has had 13 years to give a damn now and has yet to so I suppose it's all good.

So anyway. It appears to be a riff on Sega's Typing of the Dead, which was released a few years earlier. Adol Crisper runs through various Ys-ian settings, and you have to type out phrases before the various beasties manage to trundle across the screen to you.

Most levels end with a boss battle, which mixes in QTE-like letter presses to catch out people who are peeking at their keyboard. These things get pretty intense in the later reaches and will probably be the main source of getting booted from the game.

It's a cute little thing for Ys fans, but you'll only actually enjoy playing it if you like typing tests for some reason. The game isn't hard, but it judges you brutally for even small mistakes at the end of every level. One repetitive lo-fi tune that plays throughout the whole thing doesn't really help matters. And even if you do dig it, there are only seven short levels as this was just an add-on mini-game.

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* Official download page - Would strongly suggest just downloading and getting TFO before you get sucked into the more "homeless dude in a van covered in political stickers" aspects of the rest of the site though

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* Gameplay Video