XEVIOUS / Bandai / NES

Xevious was a pioneering arcade game (the curious about its place in game history would be well advised to check out this Hardcore Gaming 101 article - http://hg101.classicgaming.gamespy.com/xevious/xevious.htm), but of course we're here to evaluate how fun it is to play at the moment and whether it is potentially worth spending money on. Unfortunately, I don't think it has aged well enough to be a recommendation. Its conventional top-down shooter gameplay (with the added twist of being able to bomb the ground below you) was revolutionary in its time, but its time was some 25 years ago. Add to this that this isn't even the arcade version, but the graphically inferior NES version, and there isn't much purpose to having this in your library unless you want it for nostalgic value or historical significance or something along those lines. Thanks for the good old days Xevious, but sorry.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video