X-MEN: MOJO WORLD / Sega / Master System
In the X-Men world, Mojo is kinda like an intergalactic alien version of Rupert Murdoch, and there's all sorts of potential for a game involving him. Sadly, what we get here is a generic, clunky platformer that's not at all imaginative.

The story -- which isn't developed in-game in any way at all -- is that Mojo has kidnapped most of the X-Men, and you begin with only Rogue and Wolverine. You rescue each one (sight unseen) at the end of each level, then you can play as them in the next level. On the list of eventual playables are Gambit, Cyclops, Havok and Shard.

Unfortunately, Mojo seems to have taken them to the sewer levels of that first TMNT game for NES, and the control and jumping are even more slow and clunky. In addition to jumps and generic punches, each character has one special ability that isn't always entirely intuitive. For example, Wolverine gets his claws out for a tiny bit of extra hittin' power by pressing punch+jump at the same time ... and Rogue can fly by holding jump? Did she ever do that in the comics? I'm not the world's biggest fan.

You do get out of the sewers after the first level, but the remaining levels are a weird and kinda random selection, and feature the same basic gameplay. Punch up the shufflin' shootin' enemies and navigate a semi-maze until you find the exit. The graphics are pretty basic even by SMS standards ... the music actually sounds like it might have been decent if the composer wasn't stuck with the SMS soundchip, but it ends up just being so much instantly forgettable honking.
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