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I gotta hand it to The Koooonsoft, I never thought I would see China Warrior used as the basis for a porn game concept. So creative kudos for that. Unfortunately, the design process seemed to break down a bit beyond that. There's a major internal conflict here that puts the game at cross-purposes with itself: presumably players are coming to see the monster molestations, but said molestations bring the game to a screeching halt and eventually kick you right out of it.

It raises the question, when should your game concept stop being a "game" and just be outright animated porn? These are the perils of planning out games while most of your blood flow is in your erection, I guess.

Anyway, Angel Girl X doesn't get a low rating for licentious content -- as these affairs go it's about as restrained as you can hope, with an obviously fully developed (and unreasonably proportioned) protag and no blood or lolicon. I have no idea what the story actually is since the intro is in Moon Runes, presumably Angel Girl is trying to escape this underworld of horny slimes and  Pochi, but then again maybe this is just her thing and she arranged all this through Craigslist. She doesn't seem tremendously put out when monsters grab her for a "cuddle session" and her pleasure meter does rise, after all.

Unlike China Warrior, Angel Girl doesn't have the power of karate, limited to a finite amount of magical blasts that clear the screen and otherwise ducking or floating over oncoming enemies. Like China Warrior, however, the game is already basically unplayable by the second level. Monsters often spawn in a way that can't be avoided, for starters. Yes, the screen-clearing blasts are good for these incidents, but they happen way more than you have blasts available. The aforementioned Pleasure Meter grants you another blast IF you max it out by diddling yourself with the X key. If it fills up while being non-consensually cuddled by a monster, it just wraps back around without granting you a new blast. You also can't sit around and diddle for too long as Wall of Tentacle Death will eventually start approaching from the left-hand side of the screen.

Compounding the general difficulty of monster spawns is the fact that some can also grab you even when you've clearly avoided them. The blue gelatin things on the second level are notorious for just making up their own rules about collision detection. And some things just jerk around far too erratically to avoid them consistently, like the Metroid mushrooms.

I'm guessing what made this game stand out from the mob of cheap Flash games for hentai connossieurs is the fairly well-done animations and sound effects. But the whole point of being a game is to add something that you can't get with non-interactive animation ... instead the gameplay just seems to be getting in the way of the central purpose here. All the more confusing given that the gameplay was kinda a poorly-done afterthough to begin with. 
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