The first Disgaea game burst onto the scene promising an unprecedented level of replayability for SRPGs. It did this primarily by way of two things -- being able to roll up your own army of characters, and procedurally generated maps. Unfortunately, this didn't work out so well in practice, unless you draw comfort from Grindan Forevar. The whole game played out from one hub world with a series of chapters that consisted of a few different maps each, ending with a battle with some overpowered superboss. You had to grind ridiculously to take on some of these bosses, but the only option for that was to play the same chapter maps you already cleared over and over and over and over. The "Item World" procedurally generated dungeons were supposed to rescue the game from this fundamentally tedious dynamic, but wonky generation that created confusing and irritating levels (often putting enemies on floating islands no one in your party was physically capable of getting to) dragged that bit of it down too. The game thus ended up really only being for a niche fanbase that didn't mind playing the same maps over and over and over for 100+ hours grinding up their army to broken proportions.

There was a lot of potential, but also a lot of room for improvement. I guess since sales were decent, however, NIS opted to not at all bother with improvement for the sequel. Disgaea 2 is just a big second helping of exactly the same thing, just with a new storyline. Well, technically "new" -- though it's a different setting with different characters, it has pretty much the same story beats as the previous game. New main character Adell wants to kill Overlord Zenon since he turned all the other humans in his world to demons (and apparently forced him to wear Donkey Kong's tie), so he summons/kidnaps Zenon's daughter Rozalin, who goes through pretty much the exact same tsundere-ish progression that Etna did in the original game. About the biggest new addition is that there is noticably more Titty Flounce in the sprites in this one.

That's pretty much all there is to say about it. Cool with endless repetitive grinding? Like spazzy animu waifu stories and characters? Welp, here's Huge Serving #2 from NIS. It executes what it sets out to do very well, but what it sets out to do is going to have a limited field of appeal. There isn't even as much of a "genre parody" element in this one to help bail out the story.
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