TOILET KIDS / Media Rings / Turbografx 16
If you can get past the juvenile scatological theme, and the fact that Toilet Kid hangs underage dong at the start of each new game, this is actually a halfway OK little Xevious derivative. Just surprisingly hard given the goofy tone, even on Easy mode it's a fairly stiff challenge.

So the premise is this kid wakes up in the middle of the night, needs to pinch a loaf, but while he's in the midst an unexpected tsunami bursts out of the toilet then sucks him in. He's then riding a toilet through a goofy fantasy land in which he has to shoot aerial targets and bomb ground targets in typical Xevious style. Also, bombing golden poos on the ground to collect them for some reason.

The resulting game is kinda like what I imagine would have happened if early Atari 2600 smut developers like Mystique had somehow managed to survive into the 16-bit generation. Most enemies have some sort of poop theme to them, there's flying dicks that appear to shoot piss drops at you ... credit to whoever developed this, they did have a bead on what eight year old boys would probably feel was edgy and hilarious. No idea if their tactics worked in Japan, but there was never any chance this was making it overseas.

If you're into the Cho Aniki series, apparently this is the same design team. Not a huge shock there. Given the T-16's huge library of shooters and the somewhat over-difficulty of this one, it's only going to appeal to a very niche group ... but if you like coarse poo-pee humor and super-hard shooters this might end up being your new favorite game, I dunno. It also does apparently have two-player simultaneous play.
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