At first blush, Verminest looks like Locomalito's least inspired work ... is it just a clone of Galaga with one of those old-timey hipster Instagram filters over it?

As it turns out, you'll have to get a few levels in before the real goodies reveal themselves. Verminest is actually more like a fusion of Galaga with all sorts of other '80s arcade classics, throwing in scrolling levels and fairly elaborate boss battles here and there to break up the general monotony of fly and bee swarms. Accompanied by the usual excellent sound work of Gryzor87, although the actual music in this one is very few and far between.

I know it seems a little silly to criticize a Locomalito game on this point, but as creative and neat of a take on Galaga as this is, it still does get a little tiresome having to play the same opening levels over and over and over and over due to the old-school difficulty and completely linear structure. You do know this going in with his games, though, to be fair. I just think that's one aspect of the old-school arcade that we would be better off leaving in the past.

Verminest gets a bit of a lower score than usual (though still a positive one) since even if you're willing to perservere to the later levels, you'll just find that the simple scrolling style is recycled several times as well as the basic structure of the boss battles. Still a worthy use of time for Galaga fans, though. Verminest '83 simply adds color graphics at the expense of the 3D mode.
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