GAURODAN / Locomalito / PC
Locomalito delivers the most entertaining variant of Choplifter I've seen yet, pairing the concept with giant monster movies and casting you as a flying lizard wrecking up everything in his path with lightning breath. Of course, you can expect the usual pitch-perfect 80s retro arcade styling, accompanied by the usual period-appropriate chiptunes soundtrack from Gryzor87.

Though the game is a fair challenge, it isn't as difficult as some of Locomalito's other arcade throwback games. You've got a fairly long life bar, and though you can only replenish one bit of it per level, it's still more than adequate to carry you to the end once you get used to the game's rhythms. Conservative play and focusing more on enemy projectiles than what you're shooting at (in standard bullet-hell shooter style) will carry you pretty far, but the big twist here is that you're under a tight timer in each level and have to take out all the military targets before it runs out or be eternally pursued by a heat-seeking missile that one-shots you when it connects.

The only downside here is that it's just a series of 10 linear and fairly short levels to throw yourself at over and over until you manage to finish them, but there is also a survival mode that gets unlocked when you hit 20,000 points (done naturally when you reach level 7 or 8).
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