G.I. JOE: COBRA MISSION / Parker Bros. / Atari 2600
Wwwwwwhat the heck is happening here?

When you fire up the game you're greeted by a dancing giant cobra, which is actually fairly graphically impressive by Atari 2600 standards. It'll probably take a couple of minutes to fully figure out what you're supposed to be doing, though.

Obviously, you've got to protect your endless stream of soldiers from the shots that the cobra drops on them. But you'll also need to steer the paddle over to the red and blue turrets on either side -- once parked there, you can fire back at the serpentine monstrosity, at least when he's near that side of the screen.

Of course, single-player gets tedious in about 10 seconds. I give it at least two points for the multiplayer modes, however. Two people can combine their efforts to battle the snake, but the real fun (and technically impressive feature) is in playing competitive mode where one player actually gets to control the snake!
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