HOTDOG STORM / Marble / Arcade
The name and the hot dog on the title screen are apparently just a "random for the sake of random" sort of thing, because otherwise this game has nothing to do with any manner of tube sausage whatsoever. It's actually a fairly straightforward vertical shooter with a futuristic tone, one in which you pilot a standard-issue spacecraft flanked by two "options" that can cycle through different weapon types and even become mechas that grow in stature as you collect more power-ups.

It's fairly basic but also fairly solid, with more gentle-than-usual levels that give way to bosses that start off mediocre but eventually become fiendish "bullet hell" challenges as you gradually shoot off their various bits and bobs.

The game is certainly on the simple side, and you could tag it with the label of "generic", but it's also solid and well-executed. It also is a bit more accessible to the average non-hardcore-sh'mup gamer than most of the titles being released in the mid-late '90s.
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