This game is one of the clunkiest, choppiest, slowest, most half-assed and awful pieces of shit I've ever had the misfortune of firing up. Seriously, it's one of those games that's so blatantly, uncaringly bad in every aspect that there's no point in even going into specifics. I mean, LJN was known for churning out quick garbage after obtaining big-name licenses, but this was a new low even for them. Some of their games were at least halfway playable and showed flashes of creativity; this one is clearly just a quick attempt to knock off Tecmo Super Bowl by a design team that had absolutely no clue what they were doing and not even 1/20th the talent.

When it comes to buying bad games, honestly, most people just take the L rather than marching back into the store making a scene about the low quality. This is one of those rare exceptions that is so bad that I could see just about anyone who purchased the cart back in the day marching it right back to the store and insisting on getting their money back -- and they would be completely and totally justified, even by 1989 standards of quality. This is seriously one of the worst games in the NES library.
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