POWER DOLLS / Megatech / PC
The most interesting thing about Megatech was that they didn't just settle for localizing Japanese porn, as they never once bothered with the barely-interactive "visual novels" that were all the rage there in the adult entertainment market of the early '90s. Though they were commited to importing pervy games, they specifically targeted the relative handful of the FM Towns / PC-98 market that had actual gameplay to them (crummy though it often was).

Power Dolls actually has the highest "gameplay to perv" ratio of anything they ever released, as the perv content is limited to metal bikini shots of the titular Power Dolls doled out each time you complete a mission. There's no actual nudity or sex in the game that I'm aware of, just these cheesecake pinup .BMPs that are released from the game's asset files one at a time as you complete each of the ten missions of turn-based hex-grid strategy featuring your team of giant mechas versus a variety of futuristic enemies.

Unfortunately, though the focus is more on actual gameplay and strategy here, all of this is trapped behind a user interface that is about as unwelcoming as possible. You'll really want to dig up the manual from somewhere, or at least do as I had to do and look up a guide / watch a Youtube video to come to grips with the basics of how to do everything. You're initially hit with large menus full of jargon and acronyms as you prep for each mission, and then once in the mission it's often confusing and unclear as to where to go or how to accomplish the objectives. Even when you do manage to figure it all out, the gameplay is simplistic, extremely slow and generally boring.

While this series actually went on to some success in Japan with multiple sequels and even a couple of OVAs, you can see why it went absolutely nowhere here. Hex-grid strategy was already extremely niche and the interface here was already clunky and annoying even in the early '90s, and neither of those things are improving at all with time.
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