The Mistress of the Dark licensed her name and likeness to three games released across the various popular computer platforms in the late '80s/early '90s. This was the only one developed by Flair Software (of Trolls and Oscar fame), the only one with platformer gameplay and the only one that puts Elvira in the starring role rather than as the game's damsel-in-distress.

Unfortunately, it's also the worst of the bunch by far. It uses that stiff style with semi-realistic movement that Psygnosis and a number of other Amiga action publishers were known for, and it's just frustrating as can be, particularly in that seemingly solid ends of platforms are constantly dropping you into deathtraps unexpectedly. Initially you can select from two long levels to trek through -- Frozen Earth or Underworld of Fire, both with obvious themes. Apparently completing both unlocks the final level, Elvira's Castle, but good luck ever getting to that point with this clunky gameplay and cheap-hit-packed level design.

The only thing that makes it even halfway playable is that Elvira is surprisingly resistant to damage despite her slinky robe. Deadfalls into fire or a pit are what usually end up doing you in, however, since there's usually no way out of them once you (often unexpectedly) plunge off a ledge. This game is a relic that isn't worth revisiting.
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