Caesar's Social Rewards ties into the Total Rewards player's card program, in which earned points can be spent like currency for pretty much anything at Ceasar's properties by using your Total Rewards card. Points can also be redeemed online for an assortment of merchandise in the Total Rewards eCatalog.

Where Can I Find Caesar's Properties?

Caesar's is most famous for Caesar's Palace and their various other properties on the Strip in Vegas: Harrah's, Planet Hollywood, Flamingo, Linq, The Cromwell, Bally's, Paris and Rio (which is actually off the Strip a few blocks). However, they have scattered locations throughout the United States, such as Harrah's in Reno, Harrah's and Harvey's in South Lake Tahoe, Caesar's Atlantic City and Harrah's and the Flamingo in Laughlin. There's even a few international locations, with the central point being that just about all of these locations accept Total Rewards points as a form of currency for hotel rooms, dining, drinks, free play and etc. You can see a complete list of locations here.

Can You Play Virtual Casino Games For Total Rewards Points?

Unlike their main rival MGM's MyVegas program, there isn't a way to play casino games online with virtual credits to earn rewards points at present. They seem to suggest this in certain marketing emails regarding their Facebook/app games like Caesar's Casino and Slotomania, but what they're really referring to is the fact that you get Total Rewards credits for buying the virtual tokens for those games, not for actually playing the games. As of this writing, those games are solely for fun, socializing and getting new slots addicts hooked on the digital skag.

So How Do You Get Total Rewards Points With Caesar's Social Rewards?

The main thrust of it is social media sharing, but there's a small amount of passive activities that you can earn points with such as watching videos.

You can create a login at the Social Rewards site using email or using one of the supported social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google+). You'll also need a Total Rewards account to link in so that you can get your rewards points. You can sign up online to get an account number, but to get the actual physical card you'll have to visit the player's club counter at any of the Caesar's properties where they print you one for free.

You then log into this account to do the various activities. The account has a main menu that lists all of the Caesar's properties in Vegas plus an entry for Total Rewards, as shown above. One initially confusing bit is that each casino heading has its own activities, and initially appears to have its own set of points as well. What's not made immediately clear is that when you're ready to cash out (at the minimum threshold of 1,000 total points), you can combine all of your points from the different casino activities together. Each point has an actual cash value of 1 cent, so cashing out exactly 1,000 points would give you $10 in Total Rewards credits to spend.A list of the available activities follows. Not all casinos will offer all of these activities at all times, but each usually offers most of them. Also note that you're limited to three social shares per day across all of the activities that do that, so browse around and choose wisely as they offer differing amounts of points.
* Tube Rewards

This is the one in which you watch videos to earn points. You get five points per video regardless of length. They run from 30 seconds to four minutes, but are most commonly :30 to 1:30 somewhere.

Each casino usually has a selection of three to five videos up, and you can only watch them once. You will eventually be allowed to watch the same videos again to earn points, however -- I believe it refreshes after a month. New videos are also occasionally added, but don't count on that happening very often. Basically, videos are only worth running through once a month.

                                               Didn't mind this video so much.

* Survey Rewards

Each casino usually has one survey question up that you can answer for 10 points apiece. Unfortunately, these don't seem to change very often, if at all -- I'm still seeing the same questions up from when I first set up the account six months ago!

If you have your Facebook or Twitter connected, you can share your survey choice for another one-time 10 points.

* Connect Rewards

This allows you to follow the casino's account on Twitter or Instagram for 10 points each.

* Q&A Rewards

Each casino posts a question about something on their property, like what entree you want the most at one of their restaurants or something ridiculous. The catch here is that your answer has to be shared to your Facebook or Twitter. These vary at 10 to 15 points each.

* Share Rewards

Share a casino photo with accompanying one-line ad to your Facebook for 5-15 points.

* Join Rewards
Send out invitations to your Twitter or Facebook and get 30 points for each person that signs up by clicking through it.

* Hashtag Rewards

Post a picture of something at the casino to your connected Instagram with the casino's hashtag for 10 points. Once per casino every 30 days.

And that's all there is to it. As you can see, the rewards for passive activities and simple social media shares are pretty disappointing. You can set up separate social media accounts for sharing if you don't want to pester your friends and family, as the amount of followers you have or the newness of the account doesn't seem to matter. I haven't been doing Facebook but I'm told by those that do that you can set these shares to be viewed by you only and you'll still get points for them.

If you do that, though, you're only looking at about $5-$10 per month maximum, and that's with a fair amount of time devoted to the program. The real money here is in having a large, established social network that won't mind you spamming them with ads and may actually click through them. That can get you a much larger amount of points per purchase.