PAC-MAN +TOURNAMENTS / Namco / Android
The "Pac Man" part of the equation here equals out to basically an arcade-perfect Pac port with a variety of new levels and challenge modes, complete with the original graphics, sound and interstitial level vignettes. Minus the joystick control, of course, replaced by a slightly more finicky swipe system or virtual stick. You could always USB port a joystick in if you wanted to, I suppose. Anyway, it's free, and the micropayment stuff is firmly in the background (buying new "maze packs" if you care to), so it's definitely worth checking out just for single-player mobile Pac-Man straight from the source and with a buncha new levels.

The big new twist is the "+ Tournaments" side of things. This basically just adds a leaderboard element to the other modes, and Namco periodically hosts limited-time tournaments as well. This is where the micropayments come in, however. You get one free play in tournament mode per day, with the option of buying "virtual quarters" to play more.

No troubles playing the single-player mode while not connected to the Internets, though it does seem to take a full minute or so to load the game up when not connected. The tournament micropayment scheme seems like it could get a bit pricey if you want to play a lot of this, but classic single-player Pac is completely free to play as much as you like. Appears to be no ads in-game either, just one if you close the game out before turning off your device.
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