While Dragon Ball would eventually develop a huge Western following, back when this first came out in 1986 nobody had really heard of it here yet. Thus the "Dragon Power" rebranding for the localization and the changing of lead character Goku to some manner of monkey-man in a gi. Series chickadoo Bulma, who features prominently in the early going of this one, has likewise been converted into a mom in hiking shorts named Nora for some reason.

Strangely enough, the action here is somewhat like the two Zelda games for NES fused together. The bulk of the game is a linear series of screens that play quite a bit like the overworld of Zelda 1. You'll then periodically get into boss battles that are somewhat like the side-scrolling portions of Zelda 2. It's a loose comparison, though, because the gameplay is more clunky than either.

Aside from the whitewashing of the original IP into some weird pointless story, the other major issue here is that the game is just far too stingy with health replenishment, making it overly difficult. They're randomly dropped by common enemies, but not often enough to keep pace with all the inescapable chip damage you'll take thanks to the general Clunk of everything here. I think the main problem is that the enemies were given a random chance to drop a variety of items without anyone really checking for gameplay balance, and most of the items they drop seem to do absolutely nothing intuitive whatsoever, save the chocolate espresso beans that make you zoom around temporarily.

Dragon Ball fans might still enjoy it in an ironic / Retsupurae kind of way just to see how the original story has been mangled here by clueless localizers who probably never once saw the manga or anime. In the end it's just another crappo NES 80s action game, however.
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