INVINCIBLE IRON MAN / Activision / Gameboy Advance
If you've ever wanted Mega Man with Iron Man, this game is probably the closest thing you'll get. Just don't get your hopes up too high based on that description. While there is something decidedly reminiscent of Capcom in the look of the sprites, the move set and the general handling of the character, this game is much more turgid than any Mega Man title. It makes a positive initial impression, but quickly starts to grind you down with poor level design and a lack of variety.

The game is a fairly standard run-n-gun / platformer. Iron Man has limited power with which to fire his beams, but there's plenty of recharge tokens scattered about. Power also slowly recharges over time, so in a pinch you can always just stop for a bit and make Iron Man drop his booty to the techno beats as there's no timer.

While the core gameplay is solid, there would really be no difficulty at all if  not for game's penchant for dropping you onto the heads of enemies constantly, and having them be able to see and shoot at you from offscreen. Basically, the only difficulty stems from the fact that whoever designed these levels wasn't particularly good at their job.
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