Apparently this is a port from a Playstation/Saturn console game, and I certainly hope those versions are much better, because this incarnation is crap. Iron Man and Manowar both look like The Tick for some reason, and you'll guide them and their goofy run cycles through a number of fairly standard side-scrolling levels in pursuit of the Cosmic Cube.

Along with not looking like these mighty technological heroes, you'll also feel nothing like them either. The levels are a series of interior mazes with low ceilings, so the ability to temporarily fly is limited in usefulness to occasionally passing over a troublesome enemy or a pit. Enemies also get knockback invincibility for a few seconds after each hit, and even the most common mooks usually take at least four hits to kill, which slows the overall pace down to a glacial creep. Despite the durability of the common enemies, the game is still super easy on the whole as our heroes are also ridiculously durable.

While not utterly wretched, the game is boring and bland as it gets and this port at least looks like it was thrown together in as little time and with as little budget possible. The "big brother" versions of this game might be more interesting, but skip over this one.
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