ALADDIN / Capcom / Gameboy Advance
This port is of Capcom's SNES version of Aladdin. There are some pretty heated debates out there about whether this or Virgin's Genesis version of the game was better, but I gave 'em both a 4/5. I thought the platforming was actually better in the SNES game, but the Genesis game wasn't bad in that department either and it had much prettier visuals and better audio to boot.

This is pretty much just a straight port of the SNES version, though it does add a couple of exclusive bonus levels and replaces the password with a save feature. The latter is not really an improvement, however, as the easy four-character password in the original was a convenient way to skip the irritating magic carpet ride while still playing everything else you cared to. Now you're forced to throw yourself at it until you get past!

The visuals are also just a bit more pixelicious and washed out here. It's not a huge difference, but I actually went from playing the SNES original straight to this one and you definitely notice it that way.

You'll notice this port got really crappy reviews at the time, but that seems more to be due to it being popular in gaming media to shit on old-school platformers and basic-but-competent ports back in 2003. Nowadays, with Retro Indie Platforming Mania in full swing, I suspect this would fare much better if re-released. But as of right now, the SNES original is still the way to go.
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