NIMBLE QUEST / Nimblebit / Android
Nimble Quest was inspired by the super-old-school video game Snake / Nibbles, but designer Nimblebit has added their own fantasy-RPG flair to it. Instead of a freakily long snake, you've instead got a line of RPG heroes that grows as you pick new ones up and shrinks as existing members take damage and get offed. The gameplay is different from Snake in that you don't really have to worry as much about running into your own line, losing a middle segment is just a downgrade in attack power rather than an instant death. But you still lose if you run into a wall or run directly into a monster, and the monsters are also swinging swords and lobbing spells/projectiles that will gradually dwindle your health.

It's a nifty idea, and I like that the pixel art actually resembles pixel art from the 16-bit era in composition and use of color (as well as the soundtrack being pretty good as well). I only really take issue with two things. One is that attacking is very iffy, especially with ranged weapon characters. You just have to kind of hover around in the vicinity of enemies and hope they attack of their own volition -- either a dedicated attack button or making a successful approach from the rear a guaranteed insta-kill would have done a lot for the game.

The other thing is the typical mobile freemium money-making nature, pitched to trigger addiction circuits then tempt you into shortcutting a long power-up grind process by getting out your credit card. I'd really like to see Nimblebit re-imagine this idea from the ground up with the thought process of making a $10-15 paid full game out of it rather than the mobile micropayment market. Apparently they do have a PC version on Steam for $5, but it's just a port that cuts the real-money transactions but retains the basic grind.
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