For some reason the cartridge ports of Valis jumped from the Genesis to the SNES with this title. They also appear to have put in even less effort. As with the previous games, this is a port of a TurboGrafx CD release, so of course it's missing a bunch of animated cutscenes, voice acting and Redbook Audio. Not much you can do about that, granted, but it's also missing detailed backgrounds, gameplay elements and an overall sense of polish. It's really very comparable to what happened to Rondo of Blood when it was ported to the SNES as the very-watered-down Dracula X.

As of the second level, the game becomes a masochistic exercise with a combination of common enemies that fully drain your life bar in just two hits combined with crazy pixel-perfect jumps that make you re-do long stretches of respawning enemies if you miss them. Then there's the crazy bosses that just require spamming the right special weapon at the right time. And I'm really not sure why you need to chuck the current sub-weapon in the trash to use the next one you've picked up, but that's a thing.

Despite the graphical watering-down this is still actually a pretty good-looking and good-sounding game ... as with Dracula X it's more the poor level layout and crazy gameplay that makes it tedious and frustrating.
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