VALIS 3 / Renovation / Sega Genesis
Telnet forgets all that chibi nonsense from Syd of Valis and goes straight back to the original game's style with this third Sega Genesis release. That means super-high jumps, a generally low level of difficulty (with a few jags late in the going), and nice cutscene art with super-slow text that you can't speed up for some reason.

One new thing here is that Yuko gets companions in this one, a la Castlevania III. You can usually switch between them at will, though there's a couple of level segments where you're stuck with one in particular. Cham gets a very Richter Belmont-like whip, while Valna is kinda the Sypha Belnades of this one with less jumping power and durability than the others but a ranged magic attack that can go upward.

This Genesis port apparently had levels cut from the Turbo CD original, and it really is noticable. The game feels like it is over in record time, and the only thing that pads it out at all is that the game is piss-easy until the final two levels, but then suddenly jags in difficulty. The penultimate level is an ice level that has some slides and jumps that really seem more like glitch-exploiting sequence breaking than something someone should have intentionally put in a level. And the final level has a bit more of the slidey nonsense, but it's also just a cheap off-screen hitfest as well.

As with the first game, I feel like the concern here was more with the background graphics, animated cutscenes and metal bikinis than it was with actually developing a nicely polished Badass Platformer. It's certainly not terrible, kind of like a looser and floatier Castlevania, but it's just a cakewalk for four levels followed by some frustrating cheap jumps/hits to slow you down a little at the back end -- then you'll probably never bother with it again.
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