Adult Film Cameraman isn't so much a game as it is a terrible idea thought up by an erection. Basically, you get three static GIFs of a woman named Sharon posing in all her glory, and you move the camera (by way of mouse) over the GIF to create a "film." It's like if you loaded up your favorite GIF in your favorite paint program, loaded up Hypercam, then recorded yourself zooming in on the GIF at like 6X magnification and then randomly scrolling around. That's seriously all there is to the game.

Granted, 1994 was still pre-Internet for a lot of people, but you could still basically have loaded up a GIF in Windows 3.1, filmed it with a camcorder and had more functionality and creative flexibility than this game allows you. It looks like maybe they were planning future expansions of more women ... no reason to care if that ever actually happened, however.