A.B. COP / Sega / Arcade
One of Sega's lesser-known Super Scaler games, A.B. Cop is nevertheless a pretty cool concept that probably deserved more attention. It's the near future (for some reason I picture this game taking place in the Demolition Man movie universe) and you'll pursue gangs of criminals on your air bike, ramming them to blow up their vehicles. At the end of each level you face a boss that spews projectiles at you and whips a melee weapon around when you get close.

Unlike most of the other Super Scaler games, you're actually totally invincible in this one, and even crashing barely slows you down. The game's challenge is entirely in reaching the boss and incapacitating them before the timer runs down, which is actually pretty tough to pull off in most levels. If you get to the boss but time runs out on you, your next quarter starts you at the boss, and with a few extra seconds on the clock, so you can eventually brute-force your way through the game if you care to spend the money (also unlike most of the Super Scaler games, which were hard tests of skill that kicked you back to the beginning when the clock / lives ran out). But it is fairly tough to beat any level past the first one on the first go, and you aren't allowed to buy more time while the level is running.

A.B. Cop is fairly short, and you can definitely level the criticism at it of being long on style and kinda short on substance. But it's a fun little romp, and it's worth a run just for the pretty Super Scaler backgrounds and the crazy static pictures between levels if nothing else.
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