SUPERMAN / Sunsoft / Genesis
This is a bit like Superman Gaiden, in that it's a side-scrolling platformer that emphasizes timing since enemies are constanty rushing in at awkward angles and appearing/shooting with extremely little time for the player to respond. Also in that you can only hold one super power at a time, collected as you progress through the levels ... and if you accidentally grab one you didn't want, oops, too bad. Also, no flying, of course, as was almost universally the case in these early Superman games ... and most of your offense consists of feeb punching.

I would guess the Ninja Gaiden-ish element actually comes to this one by way of the two Batman NES games done by Sunsoft, which were much more straightforward and unapologetic Gaiden clones. So this is probably just the same team continuing with what they knew how to do. But the problem here is the one endemic to Superman games -- we're playing as a guy who can literally do just about anything, yet we're limited to the same jumping and short-range melee attacks of so many other generic platformers for the most part. There are eventually some flying/heat vision levels toward the end of the game, but you gotta grind through a whole bunch of mediocre, cheap-hit-filled platforming first.

Best thing you can say for this one is that it looks kinda nice, and the tunes have a very funky Yuzo Kushiro sort of sound to them ... though this was actually composed by Kenji Yamazaki, who doesn't appear to have done any really big-name soundtracks in his career, though he did some minor stuff like Mega Man II for Game Boy and Phantasy Star Adventure for the Game Gear. After checking this game out, though, I'd actually like to hear some more of his work.
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