FROGGER / Majesco / SNES
The bored, unimpressed face on the frog during the interim screens says it all. This is a lazy "grade-up" of the original arcade game, really doing nothing but slapping on some improved graphics and calling it a day. They didn't even bother adding any music! It's like the sort of unofficial clone people would make back in the PC days, except those were given away for free, and presumably Majesco was trying to charge somewhere between $20-40 for this on a cartridge at release. It does at least retain the core Frogger gameplay, which is solid, but does absolutely nothing else of note beyond that.

A bit of trivia, since this is such a short review; this iteration of Frogger was actually the last official, Nintendo-sanctioned release for the Super NES -- it came out in late 1997, as part of a cross-platform package that was also on the PC and PlayStation. Of course, this is an awful send-off for one of the greatest systems ever made, so I'm just going to pretend that it somehow doesn't count and that Kirby's Dream Land 3 (released a few months before) is actually the system's swan song.
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