MAD PARADOX / Queen Soft / PC
Back in the 80s/90s, adult-themed games were relatively rare and the few that existed were mostly pretty crappy. So you could get away with just throwing a few naked cheesecake shots into an otherwise sub-par game and still move a bunch of copy on curiosity / horny teenage boy factor alone.

Mad Paradox actually isn't a complete turd, but it's still unacceptably slow and clunky and tedious even for 1994. It's a threadbare JRPG that would be utterly unremarkable except that, of course, you encounter willing young ladies here and there who get buckin nekkid for you. In the age of the Internet, this is of no consequence whatosever of course, but in '94 the thirst was vastly more real for those still living with their parents.

It looks like this was a port from a possibly older MSX or FM-Towns game, and the first and most noticable problem with it is that it has the annoying scanlines that ports of this nature from this time often had. The soundtrack is actually surprisingly decent, and the occasional hentai nudity shots (no actual sex depicted in this one) are a little better-drawn than the average.

Other than those two things, though, nothing else comes off well. Movement is very slow and stiff, the layout of environments is obnoxious (just navigating the initial town is a headache), and there's a few nasty "gotcha" moments early on if you aren't doggedly level-grinding to no obvious purpose before moving from area to area. Between the heaps of mandatory grinding against the same enemies and the slow movement, the overall pace of the game is absolutely glacial.

Mad Paradox is turgid even compared to porny RPG contemporaries like Knights of Xentar and  Rance. It was already kinda sub-par 20 years ago and age has not helped it at all.
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