It's Wizard vs Robits in Magic Touch ... and the robots are taking the oddest means possible of assaulting the castle, parachuting in by air on balloons that have symbols on them. Our wizard (that's you) must draw the symbols on each balloon before the robot touches down ... let even one robot successfully land and it's Game Over.

A simple and kind of silly idea, but surprisingly well-executed, and the control scheme suits itself well to the limitations of the Android device. The game is pretty lenient about recognizing shapes, allowing you to zip them out quickly, and you also see a line representation of the figure you're currently making. The art style is also appealing, kinda like if Magical Drop was remade in Minecraft somehow ... it's better than it sounds, trust me.

Of course, as with most freemium titles, it's intended for short bursts of no more than a few minutes at a time or so rather than extended play sessions (to which the limited modes of play and constant need to start over will not hold up well). But it's definitely one of the better-executed ones I've seen for this purpose as of yet, and has joined Survive Mola Mola and Crossy Road as the only games perma-installed on my Android tabby.
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