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I think we can all appreciate a good physics hiccup in a game. Whether it be amazing feats of acrobatics unexpected Colossus attacks or  progressive attitudes toward sexuality in sport, a sudden breakdown in the internal rules of the game world can often provide a sensible chuckle for all.

But a big part of that humor is that it's unintentional and unexpected. What happens when you intentionally build an entire game around physics glitches? I think it actually is possible for this concept to come off in some manner, but Goat Simulator didn't quite find the right way to do it.

The game is pretty much Goat Theft Auto, with a strong dab of the vibe of Katamari Damacy (if not the gameplay). You play as a goat who can run about, jump, headbutt and lick (licking gets stuff stuck to your freakishly long tongue until you release it). You're also totally indestructible, and the only goal is basically to go around racking up points by wrecking everything and harassing the hu-nams. You can find goat statues hidden about that let you transform into different goat types, like ones equipped with a jetpack or a tennis ball launcher, but otherwise the only goal is to find ways to rack up points and watch the unruly fizzicks unfurl.

You'll get about 20, maybe 30 minutes of amusement out of this at the outside. Then you've pretty much exhausted its possibilities. As expected, the glitches really aren't as funny when they're non-stop and you see them coming. Add in the usual sticky Android virtual joystick that makes movement kind of a chore, and this is definitely not one of the better ways to invest $5.
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