If you want to be generous to Home Alone, you can point out that it's a little more ambitious than the usual stock movie license platformer of the time. You play as Kevin roaming freely about the house, picking up traps and dropping them wherever to temporarily knock out the Wet Bandits, and the goal is just to survive for 20 minutes.

However, where the game falls apart is that this task is so difficult as to be next to impossible, thanks to the bandits motoring around about four times as fast as you, combined with very finicky transitional imprecision when trying to do things like climb stairs or crawl into one of the hiding places. Combine that with the obnoxious repetitive music that plays for the entire length of the game and you'll very quickly find your patience being worn out.

I've seen some people try to claim this is a pioneering survival horror title, and while I think that's waaay too much of a stretch, it is legitimately creepier than most of the NES library with the hobo-looking bandits often speeding on-screen unexpectedly right in front of you. Replace the Xmas-themed graphics with Monster Party tiles and put some creepier music in there and you could actually be looking at the top horror title on the NES.
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