BIKE RACE PRO / Top Free Games / Android
You'll probably see Bike Race Pro compared to Excitebike frequently, but it's really not much like it at all. The more apt comparison is to Uniracers, except you're tilting the device to steer instead of using a gamepad.

It's also pretty low-budget and kinda chintzy, as you'd probably expect from a company called Top Free Games. Nevertheless, it seems to be pretty popular. The game is simplistic, it seems like it could be some dumb fun, but personally I found the imprecision of tilting a little too frustrating to bother with (especially with a bigger tablet).

The main reason for the 1/5, though, is the pile of shitware it wants to install. It wants to track your GPS location and installs like four different adware programs on top of that. And definitely don't hand this over to kids with billing enabled as some of the purchaseable bikes cost ludicrous amounts of money, like $20 each! I guess the company name Top $1 Games That Come Packed With Spyware And Try To Exploit Children didn't test well. 
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