SONIC DASH / Sega / Android
Sonic Dash is a simplification / mutation of the almost QTE-like gameplay of the newer Sonic games into a format that will work on mobile with nothing but swipes and the occasional tap. Even though I feel like this is still a sub-optimal control scheme as opposed to using a gamepad, somehow this turns out to be more entertaining than the bigger console games. Go figure.

It's a score-attack "endless runner", but one with better production values than the usual freemium deal and also more responsive controls. Sometimes it feels like sequences of actions that have to be done one after the other come on a little too quickly to allow for adequate swiping time, but I'm not docking points here as that could very well have everything to do with my Oldness.

The one downside of the elaborate (for Android) graphics is that you only get two Zones worth of backdrops -- Green Hill Zone and Seaside Hill Zone. So you're covering a lot of the same terrain with samey challenges. That's most of what costs it points here -- unless you're really only playing it for a minute or two at a time once in a while, it'll start feeling a bit samey and old pretty quickly.

Of course, since it's a freemium game, there's the usual micropayment schemes. Fortunately, they aren't all that intrusive here. The game is leaderboard-focused, and the game drives you to pay to take shortcuts to leveling up Sonic (as well as buying and leveling up his pals). The leveling is just to gain score multipliers, however; it doesn't actually limit the core gameplay in any way, so if you don't care about tearing up the charts, you never feel like you've hit a wall that you have to use your credit card to get past.

Some of the deaths feel like they're a little cheap (and maybe intentionally so to get you to spend purchaseable continues), and if you're not interested in "score attack" gameplay you'll probably wander away before long, but this is altogether surprisingly well-made and plots itself around the Android control limitations pretty well.
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