I know Yoda Stories has a bit of a cult following, and I can kinda see the appeal, but I just really couldn't get into it. Constant combat is required and it's just way too clunky (I guess "slippery" would actually be the most accurate term) to be enjoyable.

It's really kind of a Roguelike, and takes place during the period where Luke was supposed to be undergoing training on Dagobah, except "training" here ends up consisting of running dangerous errands to other planets one after the other at Yoda's behest. Controls are simple -- you can equip either your lightsaber or blaster (once you find one) one at a time, and you use the mouse or arrow keys to move and the space bar or right mouse button to attack. Left click or CTRL to pick things up or talk to people and click on any item in the inventory bar on the right to use it.

The game's big draw is that the missions are randomized, as are items you get, and they are also mostly procedurally generated when you get to the planet in question. So that's the Roguelike element, and the idea was that this would be a little casual sort of time-killer game for the desktop in the vein of a Minesweeper or Solitaire, something you could screw off with at work and quickly minimize behind MS Office when the boss walked in.

The big problem is that the gameplay is just so primitive and slipshod it makes everything else irrelevant. You slide around every screen loosely swiping your lightsaber in a stiff manner that would have felt archaic on the NES in 1989, nevermind for a PC game released in 1997! I know simplicity was the goal here but you could still have that without having such stiff, terrible combat. Even Startropics seems like a miracle of programming next to this. It really feels more like something that should have been on Windows 3.1 rather than Windows 98.
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