THE SPOOKENING / Modesty / Android
As with so many other Android games, it feels like there's a very enjoyable game in here trying to get out, but it's held back by iffy touch controls.

So the premise is that you play as this goofus who is prone to dying in incredibly stupid accidents. Fortunately, each time this happens he can roam around as a ghost and eventually revive his body by collecting spiritual juju. This juju comes from scaring the living, giving the game a setup resembling The Haunting Starring Polterguy or Ghost Master, just with the balance tilted much much more toward action here than strategy.

Your opposition comes from other dead people who are trying to do the exact same thing, but seem to have the ability to jack you for your spirit if they touch you. You, in turn, can lead them into light in order to put them to rest for good. Sometimes levels start out with prefab dead opponents, but you can inadvertently create more if you over-scare the hapless population and they keel over dead.

As you soon discover, The Spookening is a time/score attack game at its core. It's broken up into 30 fairly small and self-contained levels, and you're expected to replay them repeatedly to get better scores and better rankings.

The big problem here is that the movement (by way of virtual joystick in the lower-left corner) feels sluggish when it's working, and doesn't entirely work (with not-infrequent movement interruptions). I tried my usual alternate control schemes by way of a tablet dock with USB ports -- the mouse worked to open level maps but not for the stick or buttons for some reason, and the Xbox 360 pad had no response other than opening and closing the menu with the A and B buttons.

It's the same story as so many Android games -- if there's a PC version with better mouse/keyboard control, I'd be happy to give it another shake, but unresponsive movement kills anything else that's good here.
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