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Caesars is one of the colossi of the U.S. gambling scene, owning about half the properties on the Vegas Strip as well as a bunch of Harrah's, Harvey's and Bally's locations scattered around the country. Since they have a much wider geographical reach than their main Vegas rival MGM, I was really hoping their "virtual casino" offering would give you real-life casino credit for your online play in the way that MGM's MyVegas does.

Alas, Caesar's didn't go that route -- this is purely for fun, with the only way of obtaining Total Rewards credits being a kickback for buying optional virtual chips here. The upside is that this is overall the best collection of virtual casino games I've run into yet, great for practicing basic strategy, testing out goofball betting systems or just scratching a gambling itch without burning holes in your actual wallet.
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There are two significant downsides, though, thus only a 3/5. One is that you have to be online to play, obviously, and loading up the casino front-end and virtual slots games takes a not-inconsiderable amount of bandwidth for mobile users. The other is the "virtual chips" aspect. Now, with this and every other virtual gambling game of this nature I've tried, I've found you can nurture your starting bankroll into millions with smart, conservative play and taking long breaks to just collect daily/gift/bonus chips and not do anything else. I understand that a big part of the appeal of these virtual games is in "lettin' it rip" with high-rolling wagers you'd never try in real life, though, but if you play that way you're pretty much consigning yourself to either paying real money for chips or having to put the game down for periods of weeks at a time while your bankroll refreshes. So if you're looking for daily high-wager play, I'd look for a better offline alternative.

Speaking of chips, let's dive into the free ones in more detail. If you've already played MyVegas or similar games, the system will be very familiar. Every 24 hours you get one spin on a wheel that guarantees you some amount of free chips -- I'm not sure if it increases with your levels, I only play this once a month or so and am only at level 10, so I only get around 300-1,500 per day. I would guess this goes up as you level, though, as that's what MyVegas does. Other players can also gift you small amounts of free chips and spins at no cost to them when they hit big wins, and you'll periodically get promotional emails from Playtika that have you click-through to get 5,000 to 10,000 bonus chips.

And what's this about "leveling"? Every wager gets you EXP points. Leveling gives you a one-time chip bonus and also unlocks new games, for example roughly every three levels you'll unlock a new video slot machine. Level 10 is a big early threshold as it unlocks the "Golden Room", which instantly gives you a whole passel of new video slot games.

While Caesar's isn't offering any real prizes or casino rewards points through this, they do have MyVegas beat in both game selection and interface. Most console/PC/handheld attempts at casino games stumble in their interface somehow, which is a big part of this game's appeal -- it's the most smooth and sensible I've seen yet. It also has a wider range of games than MyVegas, with more virtual slots plus the addition of video poker, roulette and old-school three reel slots. The blackjack table here does seem to be exactly the same, however. The slots and video poker also have running contests throughout the day with a prize pool for the highest scorers.

So, to recap quickly: online requirement and pay-for-play can potentially be an issue depending on your personal circumstances, would like to see the video slots be less bandwidth-intensive and load faster, and adding some sort of real prizes/rewards to the mix would be YUGE. But as-is this is a really solid collection of the basic casino fundamentals. I wish they would do an offline-only iteration that they sell for a couple bucks in the app stores.
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