Ultimate Block Party borrows ideas from games that came before it, up to and including the cutesy-but-appealing art style that is very reminiscent of Magical Drop. But it's a solid competitive puzzler and is worth a look at the right price if you dig these sorts of games.

It looks like the competitive mode actually has quite a bit of depth, with different colored block combinations executing different types of attacks on your foe. Unfortunately, single-player is pretty much just a solo "score attack" style that just goes on with gradually increasing speed until you get overwhelmed. Battles against the computer are limited to one-off competitions against an AI that has only three settings.

Ultimate Block Party is actually kind of demanding, requiring some time and practice to come to grips with its intricacies. Unfortunately, with competitive play now pretty much entirely off the table, there's not a lot of reason to bother. Is there a modern analog of this game floating around somewhere?
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