TERESA THE HOUSE GUEST / Interactive Girls / Amiga
I don't know if this game was inspired by the Japanese "visual novel" erotic games that have been flooding the market there since the 1980s, but this whole Interactive Girls series really feels like a Western stab at the same thing. It's even shorter and more limited than the typical visual novel, though, with challenge only generated through non-intuitive obscurity.

The tit(s)ular Teresa is actually Teresa May, a British model who appears to have done a lot of this T&A stuff over her career. You're some unnamed and unseen horndog who is having her stay over at your house for some reason for a night, and you'll have to make dialogue choices and click on various objects to try to seduce her into bed.

The progression of the game is mostly fairly obvious dialogue choices with a lot of room for error. The one place where you can get hung up is that there are certain points where you have to click on a background object, but it's not all that obvious that it's something you're supposed to be doing. The one that will get most people is that you have to set an alarm clock during a certain brief window that otherwise looks like yet another non-interactive striptease sequence.

For a late 80s / early 90s porn game it's a bit more interactive than usual, but still not really worth wasting your time with unless you really have a thing for Teresa May ... if you do, though, it looks like she has a long filmography of stuff even raunchier than this.  

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