TAPPER / Sega / Atari 2600

The graphics are primitive and the sound is maybe a bit on the annoying side, but this is actually a pretty solid port of arcade hit Tapper. And you do appear to be flinging frosty coldies in this one, none of that Root Beer nonsense, although somehow Mountain Dew snuck in with a sponsorship and the bonus game between levels now consists of trying to guess which can of the Dew some frosty bandit didn't shake up on you.

Levels are varied, with changing backgrounds and swapping from being oriented on the left to the right, and the bonus level is about as impressive as the 2600 circa 1983 gets. Nice effort by Sega in porting this one, it's one of the better games on the 2600 and one of the few still fun to play today.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video