My first thought upon firing this one up was "this reeks of Amiga." Sure enough, it was originally an Amiga release in 1989, with EA snapping up the rights to port it to the Genesis in 1993. It's the typical Amiga side-scroller pattern of having really detailed graphics and big sprites, but making the gameplay clunky as F.

Pick your Conan-adjacent hero or heroine, and you're thrown into a choppy sidescrolling world to battle a seemingly endless swarm of the brigands from Quest For Glory 1, who totally no-sell your repeated jabs to their nuts. You appear to have no defense whatsoever, having to beat them to the punch and try to keep your distance from other attackers, no small feat as they're constantly pouring in from both sides of the screen.

As this all unfolds, you're forever picking up randomly dropped potions that look sorta helpful. Good luck ever using them for anything, though! Pressing Start pauses the game and lets you move a little disembodied hand over your collection, but hell if I could figure out how to move them anywhere or do anything at all with them.

It really wouldn't have made a difference. I assume the best thing they do is heal you, but that wouldn't make the gameplay any less repetitious or clunky. It would just drag it out longer, really.

As mentioned, I haven't played the Amiga original, but word is this is a chopped-down port. It has eight levels to the Amiga's 11, and eight enemy types to the Amiga's 13. Apparently the Amiga game is actually easier as less enemies spawn and they only appear in front of you ... this one appears to just throw shit tons more potions at you in a belated (and halfassed) attempt to balance the game out after realizing it was unplayably hard.
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