For the final game of the original trilogy, Atari switched things up to a raster-based Zaxxon clone that follows the latter third of the film. We start as Leia zipping through Endor on a speeder trying to reach the Ewok village, then switch to an odd level that periodically jumps between Chewbacca in one of those little mini-walker things on Endor and the Millenium Falcon in space fighting TIE fighters, then the final level is the Millenium Falcon's run to shoot the Death Star core and escape.

The usual easy-medium-hard starting points that Atari was known for are present, skipping you ahead a bit in the level cycle. The first cycle (if you start on Easy) actually skips the Chewie/Falcon bit, going straight from Leia on Endor to the Death Star. Each difficulty bracket also adds some new touches, like once you reach level 3+ there are logs you can fly through on Endor for bonus points.

The game isn't bad for the easy-medium level cycle, the control feels a bit imprecise and jank, but it's also somewhat fun (steering pursuing enemies into walls and watching them explode in a fireball is quite satisfying). Escaping the Death Star is just awful, though; after you shoot the core, the playfield suddenly reverses, but the controls don't. It's a jarring transition and you'll probably reflexively back right into the pipes or Wall O' Flame several times. Also, after you clear the Medium level cycles (levels 3-5), the game scatters about so many obstacles and enemies it just gets too obnoxious to be enjoyable. The tinny Dr. Sbaitso-esque voice clips are also disappointing after the better-sounding ones in the original game.
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