SPACE FUNERAL / thecatamites / PC

Space Funeral is so surrealist and artsy that it can't even tell you how to load a game or quit back to Windows, you just have to guess which of the BLOODs at the title screen is which. Fortunately that's as far as the wanky indie pretension ever goes. The rest of it is anarchic, free-form, do-whatever fun.

For as long as it lasts, anyway, which isn't a whole lot north of an hour or so. But what's here is kinda a JRPG genre parody/deconstruction, but really just more of a "enjoy this weird art and some music I like" offering by the creator. It's what Earthbound might have been if Shigesato Itoi wasn't a famous copywriter, had no budget and had nothing but RPG Maker to work with but was determined to make a game anyway. I mostly say that because the game is basically like an extended version of Moonside, just with a tileset heavily inspired by the morbid bits of Monster Party.

It isn't all goofy non-sequiturs and relaxing noise rock, though. There actually is some gameplay, you'll have to fight through at least a few RPG battles, and there's even a couple of mild movement-based puzzles in dungeons too. The combat is a total afterthought, though, with balancing not even really attempted. If you do a few of the random overworld battles and buy a few weapon and defense upgrades here and there, you'll steamroll right through the game, including all the bosses.

Space Funeral really isn't something you rate, thus the NR. You do ratings because people want some help determining whether to spend their money on a game, or if the game is free if they want to spend their time on it, or at least to maybe get some feedback to developers and aspiring developers to make things work better next time. But none of that applies here. If you need closure of some kind, it's a refreshing breath of weirdness and might introduce you to some good new tunes, so yeah, I thought it was worth the hour of time and tens of MBs of download bandwidth it asks. The most amusing thing about it to me is that it probably inspired reams of internet hipster introspection when I'm pretty sure the guy who made this just thought it was a fun thing to do for its own sake and completely doesn't care.

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