SHINOBI GIRL / Kooonsoft / Flash

Shinobi Girl is the sequel to Angel Girl X, which we've already covered here. If memory serves, Angel Girl was a freebie browser game, but The Koooon and Friends seem to want some amount of monies for this one through their official site (in as far as I can tell given it's in Moonspeak). Of course, I totally paid for it >_>.

Anyway, this is pretty much just a minor re-tooling of the first game, starring a Ninjer Girl instead of an Angel Girl and throwing some new monsters into the mix. The goal is still to make it through a side-scrolling level while avoiding the molestations of the enemies, with a wall of instant-death tentacles slowly approaching from behind to keep you moving forward. A few gameplay wrinkles have been added that do actually improve things at least a little bit, though.

One of my big complaints about the first game was that after the first couple of levels, enemies just started spawning in a way that was virtually impossible to avoid. In Angel Girl you could only dodge them, but Shinobi Girl is equipped with a Guile-esqe Flash Kick that really helps to get enemies off your ass. She still has the limited stock of firebombs, too, which helps to eliminate the bigger enemies who can't be dodged and take multiple kicks to bring down.

When enemies grab you for a forcible cuddle, there is also now a little mini-QTE to escape. Speaking of which, another point I made in that previous review was that the game was at cross-purposes with itself; it's clearly for people who want to see monster molestations, yet you're supposed to be avoiding said molestations to make progress. Welp, that duality is still sort of a thing here, even amplified a bit because there's now a special high-detail large-screen special first-person death screen for a number of the monster types. You do eventually unlock a "gallery" mode that just lets you go through and control whatever scenes you want, though, so I guess there's at least some reason to actually try to win the game now.

These new additions do make the game a bit more playable, but it's still really only worth the time/money if you're into fapping to monsters molesting an unrealistically buxom woman. Now, it seems like it addresses that niche pretty well and I'm not here to kink shame, just letting the people know what they're getting into.


* Gameplay Video