With this game, obscure publisher Imagineer walks the tightrope of making a "sexy gals" fighter for an early Nintendo system. Even in Japan, the stern gaze of the family-friendly Nintendo Seal Of Quality allowed for very little salaciousness. So the sexy aspect here is restricted mostly to some ridiculously long legs. You can't just have Medusas getting their baps out like you can on a Turbografx, Nintendo is a place of civilization.

I played an untranslated Japanese version, but even so it appears this game just launches right into the action with no story whatsoever. Nor are there any developments between matches. A collection of 80s-90s anime girl stereotypes fight it out for Reasons, pick one and jump into the rumble.

The game feels very stiff and unrefined, with jumping in particular being unresponsive and sluggish. I quickly adapted by finding a Cooch Kick that defeated most foes handily when spammed, though.

The only good thing I can say about this game is that the soundtrack is overall surprisingly decent.

I guess Imagineer thought they could rush into the market in the heady post-Street Fighter II days with some animu girls flashing their legs and it would be a recipe for instant success ... well, not without any kind of good gameplay backing it up.

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