PSYCHO FOX / Sega / Master System

Though I can't remember which one it was exactly, I remember a game magazine from my youth shooting a load all over itself when Psycho Fox came out, calling it ZOMG AMAZING SAVIOR OF THE SMS (or whatever the late 80s equivalent of ZOMG was ... "radical" or "gnarly" or something I guess.) So I've been curious about it all these years, but never got around to checking it out due to general lack of interest in the Master System. Well, I finally did ... and if you have graphics turned off for some reason there is an ugly.png next to the game's name.

It's basically a furry platformer with SPEED and ATTITUDE, but interestingly it actually preceded Sonic and the whole Furry Platformer Craze of the early 90s by a couple years. It's kind of like Sonic with half the maximum speed, fused with the gameplay and level design of an Alex Kidd game. I always thought the Kidd games largely sucked, and adding some mild running speed to them doesn't really help anything. You can also find magic sticks that transform you into a hippo, monkey or tiger, an idea that was later recycled by Sega (and improved on) with Kid Chameleon.

The graphics are plain and the music is tepid and annoying, and sound effects are virtually non-existent and crappy when they do appear. What really kills the game is the "Mario in molasses boots" movement style though, which particularly makes jumping a major pain in the ass. Furry Fox's plain yet bizarre stretchy-armed punch is also a really lame attack that's reminiscent of low-budget mid-80s arcade games.

As to what all the hype was about when the game came out? I dunno, I guess as happened with the Amiga, some "games journalists" saw it as their role to lie their asses off to promote games on a dying platform that they specialized in covering. That's my best guess anyway, that or Sega just straight paid them off.

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