The only thing that stands out about this 1995 Final Fight clone is the use of anime in the introduction, cut-scenes and when the Sailors perform their "super moves". It is pretty impressive for an arcade machine of the period, but apparently Bandai felt that that and the license were good enough on their own to sell the game, so they half-assed the game design.

Anyway, you pick one of the five Sailors, who really differ very little except for the Super Moves that they do, and fight your way through hordes of clone enemies in typical beat-em-up style. Each level ends with a boss encounter who I assume is some major villain or another from the show. As mentioned, the graphics aren't bad but after you fight your 76th Tennis Tranny Vampire and 82nd Aikido Demon you really won't care anymore.

This game is only for very hardcore fans of the show - they might get a kick out of the digital representations of their favorite characters, but it is going to put everyone else directly to sleep.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video