Unfortunately, this turns out to be a rather boring and confusing tower defense game that was definitely overpraised by game magazine reviewers when it first came out.

The main thing setting it apart from other tower defense titles is that you directly control a tiki-man dude, who you have to manually move around the map to build your various defenses. Tiki-man has no ability to attack monsters, has to stand stationary to do a little dance to upgrade defenses while on top of them, and will get kicked back to the starting position and spew coins everywhere (the currency to build defenses and upgrades) anytime an enemy touches him. Tower defense games are hard enough when you're doing everything with a mouse pointer and an "eye of god" view, this development just adds artificial difficulty to the process with no reward and reduces the focus on actual strategy.

Oh, and god forbid you put this down for any significant amount of time. Everything is controlled by two giant, cluttered menu rings, and there's no reminder text for what each menu option does. You're basically forced to play the tutorial again for a refresher if you put the game down for a couple weeks and forget what everything is supposed to do.  

Too much emphasis on perfectionism and memorizing where waves are going to come from through trial and error combined with having to Bo Jackson the Tikiman around hordes with large hit boxes to set up your defenses makes this one too much of a pain in the nuts to play. And that's before you take a break of a week or two and forget what all the non-intuitive menu icons are. The one upshot is the surprisingly nice Seiken Densetsu-ish soundtrack, but otherwise this is tedious and instantly forgettable.
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