This was released in 2003, a more innocent age in which I'm sure the designer (the same bloke behind Chick Chaser) could not foresee how Oof, Triggering and Yikes his title would be to the fragile fairy folk of the interbutts a decade or so later.

I get the feeling this wasn't some proto-MRA exercise, though, just a funny role-reversal about a kidnapped girl getting bossy with the mad scientist and taking over his operation. I have to guess at intent, though, because after the introduction it's just a one-room demo.

I liked a good deal of the one other game I played by this designer, however, and I kinda wish they had stuck with this one. I was in the mood for a good pirated asset fest with some good jokes and this was very much shaping up in that direction before it abruptly came to a halt.

As is, you get a introduction in which a diabolical evil genius quickly gets pantsed by the girl he just captured. Meanwhile, her seemingly oblivious boyfriend is bumming around a Snuckeys-like store with no money for no reason. All you can do is poke around a bit, do a chore for the owner and get a "Blues Bothers" CD in return before the game announces you've hit the demo limit and that's all there is to see.

The main nightmare / sexual fantasy of all boomer males

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