01 / 15 / 2019

Man, if you slap a yellow trenchcoat and hat on Robert Mueller, you basically have Dick Tracy. The lantern-jawed two-fisted detective finally gets repped on the site today with Dick Tracy (Amiga, 1/5) and Dick Tracy: The Crime-Solving Adventure (Amiga, 3/5). The first game is a typical Titusbomb, but the second one was actually a kind of interesting and ambitious open-worldy type of game with adventure elements.

We have more to offer than just Yellow Dick, however. Today I am pleased to unveil the next segment of the Gaming For A Living mega-article, Skill-Based Gambling. I had originally planned to finish the whole page for this update, but once I got into it I found all sorts of new rabbit holes and interesting stuff, and it quickly turned into a whopper. So I did the first couple of sections of the page in the interest of a timely update, with the rest of the sections coming with future updates.

01 / 07 / 2019

The big site cleanup I've been working on is finally done. Still having image posting issues, but hopefully everything else is a lot smoother and nicer-looking around the site.

And for our update we have all kinds of angels in the outfield with League of Angels 3 (Browser, 2/5) and Tropical Angel (Arcade, 2/5).

01 / 01 / 2019

Welp. Here we go.

Trying to get off to a fast start in this newest of years with significant updates to the Gaming For a Living mega-article, specifically the kosher and not-as-kosher MMO "real money trading" moneymakers. The former adds sections for two new games, and the latter has been totally reformatted/streamlined and has had a bunch of new game information added.

You might also note a crispy new look around here for the new year. Bear with us in case of little hiccups for the next couple weeks or so as I arrange and test out everything under this updated content management system, but I think everything is working as it should be at this point.

Finally, why not some reviews. And why not some arcade racing games to get us off to a roaring start in 2019. Power Drift (NR) and Outrunners (4/5) were the second generation of racers in Yu Suzuki's "Super Scaler" arcade lineage, and worthy follow-ups to Hang-On and Outrun running on better hardware.

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