NEMO / Capcom / Arcade

Nemo appears to be a modification of the Magic Sword engine, but pitched to little kids and with surprisingly low difficulty for an arcade game (with the exception of a few grindy bosses obviously designed to milk a few quarters). It's a mix of platformer jumping with a bit of melee action, with Nemo swinging a magical rod at enemies instead of a sword.

The game actually came out about the same time as the Little Nemo NES game, but it appears two different teams were working on them concurrently. There's a lot of shared ideas, but this one is a very straightforward arcadey platformer whereas the NES game had slightly more complex elements like animals to find the right food for so you could ride them. The unique twist with this one is that Nemo's rotund buddy Flip is available for simultaneous 2-player action.

It seems like not a huge amount of effort was put into this, but it's a basically solid little platformer romp, especially for two players. My biggest complaint with it is that it has one of most annoying "low health" sounds in gaming history.

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Unused levels and music (Cutting Room Floor)

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* Gameplay Video