MUSCARINE / Eat Your Dog Productions / Amiga

This tripped-out indie adventure sees scribbled heroine Erika eat some "magic mushrooms" and go on a strange journey through a strange land.

It's definitely unlike any other adventure game, and genuinely surprising and funny at times. So it's kinda worth exploring this weird world just for its own sake. Puzzles are pretty straightforward, and usually just involve talking to everyone around until they give you the items you need, but some oddball lateral thinking is called for here and there (appropriate to the setting).

From back in the carefree days when something like this meant you were playing something from a chill hippie / anarchist type dude, not a warning sign you were about to be lectured at by Strident Tumblr Person

The designer also deserves some credit for building their own game engine from scratch instead of using some sort of "game maker" software or what have you, and for the Amiga no less. It definitely helps to give the game a unique identity in spite of the sometimes scrawled graphics. Speaking of those, between that and the ambient oddball background noises the whole thing really recalls the trippier parts of Earthbound at times.

There are significant gameplay issues, though, thus the 2/5. There appears to be no way to die ... but there's also no way to save / load games. Given that the game is about 60 minutes long at minimum, that's kinda an issue. Playing it all in one sitting is a big ask, but becomes even tougher with not being able to skip text and the slow movement. And there isn't an ending; it literally ends with the creator begging for donations to make a second installment. So that was kinda a bummer.

So ultimately, this ends up being one of those things that it's better to just watch on YouTube than actually play.

Videos :

* Gameplay Video